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Intact Media

Data-Driven NZ SEO Specialists

Intact Media is your trusted partner for comprehensive New Zealand SEO services. We propel your digital presence, enhancing visibility and driving conversion – ensuring your business thrives online.

Unlock Your Businesses Potential with SEO

We’re a compact, enthusiastic team of SEO savants at your service, aiding businesses of all sizes to carve out sustainable, data-fuelled strategies that yield tangible outcomes. Our exclusive dedication is to SEO – no Google Ads, web development or social media distractions. Instead, we focus on driving your business to the zenith of Google search results, propelled by lucrative keywords relevant to your sector.

We understand your dilemma. You’re seeking an SEO partner with the prowess you can depend on and one who won’t parcel out your tasks to offshore entities. It’s not an easy feat, given the New Zealand marketing scene is brimming with self-proclaimed ‘gurus’ and ‘expert’ agencies promising swift victories and expedited results. So, how do you sift through the noise to find a genuine SEO provider?

Here’s our guiding principle: Return on Investment (ROI). For us, ensuring a significant return on your investment is paramount. Our strategic moves are directed towards maximizing the potency of your website traffic. Ranking on Google’s first page for keywords that don’t generate leads, inquiries, or sales? That’s not our style. Our focus rests on the money-making keywords that are driving your competitors’ profits.

Our SEO methodology, much like Google’s ranking algorithm, is in a state of constant evolution. Each client we partner with enhances our approach, honing our techniques further. As a New Zealand team committed to SEO mastery, we strive to understand the intricate workings of Google’s algorithm, deciphering how it sorts, interprets, and ranks content. We’re lifelong learners in this dynamic SEO landscape, continuously honing our skills to offer you nothing less than the best SEO services.

Define Goals​

We formulate bold, achievable objectives aimed at enhancing traffic, fostering growth, and optimizing return on investment (ROI).


Next we will focus on optimisation, content creation, collaboration and best SEO practices to help your website get the attention it needs

Monitor Growth

You get your own live dashboard where you can monitor progress of your websites reach, impressions, search queries and clicks.

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Why use Intact Media?

Intact Media, an esteemed New Zealand search engine optimization agency, harnesses the power of performance data, market research, and extensive expertise to forge SEO strategies that fuel growth and withstand the test of time. With a proven track record and a deep understanding of generating organic traffic, leads, and sales, we are the catalyst for your business’s online success.

We are not just another agency. We blend time-tested methodology with cutting-edge technology, led by a team of passionate marketing experts. We don’t believe in hiding behind account managers or making exaggerated traffic projections. Instead, we deal in concrete facts, tangible figures, and the ultimate measure of success: return on investment (ROI). Our motivation lies in propelling businesses to unprecedented heights they never thought possible.

By choosing Intact Media, you gain the advantages of an in-house SEO consultant without the drawbacks and burdens of managing a dedicated internal team. We seamlessly integrate into your operations, working independently or collaboratively to establish goals and implement organic marketing initiatives that drive exceptional growth. Each step we take is rooted in time-tested data, carefully analyzed and skillfully implemented to deliver remarkable benefits to your business.

Intact Media SEO Agency

Our SEO Practices

Website Audit & Analysis

We scan your website to identify the current performance, and find issues that negatively impact ranking.

Keyword Research

We identify your business and your goals to find potential keywords that could attract interested visitors and convert them.

Competitor Research

Research will be applied to your area of works to find competitors, see how they are performing, then plan to outranking them.

Website Optimisation

After we have found website performance and structure issues, we fix them which provides better rankings and user experience.

New Content Creation

Next it's time to create SEO optimised articles that search engine favour. This attracts new visitors and increases web presence.

Link Strategy & Building

To increase authority, we build links from authoritative websites linking to your content that builds trust with search engines.

Reporting & Analytics

You will be provided with your own custom dashboard where you can see live updates of rankings, traffic and visibility.

Ongoing Growth Planning

SEO is a marathon, not a sprint. That is why we focus on long term growth strategies to help you stay on top of searches.

How Intact Media Stands Out

Amidst the abundance of digital marketing agencies competing for your attention and business in 2023, Intact Media stands apart. In a saturated market plagued by short-lived agencies, here’s why you should choose us for your organic marketing needs both now and in the future.
Unlike other digital agencies that rely on paid advertising channels like Google Ads, Facebook Ads, or social media marketing to promote their SEO services, that’s not our approach and never will be. We acquire clients by employing the same search engine optimization techniques we utilize for them. A marketing company using paid digital marketing to showcase their SEO expertise is comparable to a car salesperson selling Nissan vehicles but driving home in a Toyota every evening. If you don’t believe in the effectiveness of the very digital marketing channel you’re urging potential customers to engage in, then it’s simply contradictory. Here’s a fact: 100% of our SEO clients have approached us through organic inquiries. They discovered us by searching for one of the numerous SEO keywords we rank number one for and subsequently reached out. Don’t get me wrong, social media marketing and Google Ads are indeed powerful advertising tools. However, if you’re going to champion the effectiveness of SEO, it only makes sense to employ it to acquire your own SEO clients. In 2021, resorting to SEO PPC advertising could indicate that a digital marketing agency is struggling to achieve organic results.

Unlike a lot of agencies out there, we don’t just jump in bed with anyone. Instead, we do our primary consultation to see if can actually help you and your brand, and ensure our proposal matches your needs and requirements.

If they don’t, then we don’t force it to work. Instead, we give some free advice to help you find the appropriate solution.

At Intact Media, we share a personal dislike for lengthy, binding contracts. That’s why we would never impose them on our clients. We believe in flexibility and transparency. If your circumstances change or you decide to discontinue your SEO campaign, you have the freedom to cancel our agreement at any time with just a 30-day notice. Your satisfaction and peace of mind are our top priorities.

To help reduce the amount of costs, we are a 100% remotely run company. This removes the cost of renting offices, office equipment, etc which lowers our running costs. We also employ many SEO experts around Australasia maintain regular office hours, but also reduce expenses, which in turn reduces the final cost for you.

This not only has shown to improve the quality of work, but also reflects on our teams quality of life as they don’t have to commute and spend their time in traffic or be too far from their families. It’s a win win for everyone.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Does Intact Media Do?

At Intact Media, we specialize in optimizing the on-site, off-site, and technical aspects that influence your website’s visibility on Google. As a team of search engine optimization professionals, we collaborate with businesses to enhance their organic presence in search engines. Our success is measured through key performance indicators such as web enquiries, in-store visits, sales volume, revenue growth, and online brand recognition. We develop customized strategies to ensure your business gets discovered online.

Will SEO Still Be Effective in 2023?

Absolutely! SEO remains the most effective and scalable online marketing channel for businesses committed to long-term growth. It generates lasting traffic that drives leads, enquiries, and sales, providing a sustainable foundation for your business. SEO is a long-term strategy that offers enduring search visibility and is adaptable to the unique challenges of each industry and business. With over 200 factors influencing Google rankings, our team at Intact Media is equipped to implement effective SEO strategies that foster your online growth.

Why Should I Choose to Work with Intact Media?

When selecting a search marketing company, trust your instincts. If you have a positive feeling about the SEO consultant you’re engaging with, there’s a reason for it. We, at Intact Media, stand out from the crowd. We only take on clients when we are confident we can deliver outstanding results. Not every SEO campaign is the same, and if we believe we may not be the right fit for your specific needs, we’ll be transparent about it. Our commitment is to produce exceptional outcomes for our clients.

Will I Get Customized Monthly Reporting?

Measurement is crucial to evaluate the effectiveness of our SEO services, and that’s where reporting comes in. We start by analyzing your Google Search Console and Google Analytics data to establish baseline traffic figures. Unlike generic reports, our SEO reports are tailored specifically to your business and goals. We prioritize the key deliverables that matter most to you. Each month presents unique challenges, and if expectations aren’t met, we investigate the causes and present you with a plan of action. Our cutting-edge strategies and continuous learning ensure optimal results for your business.

What Are Some SEO Statistics That I Should Know in 2023?

  • In 2023, Google remains the dominant search engine, accounting for over 93% of search engine traffic in New Zealand. 
  • Companies are allocating more than $1,100 per month towards link building, highlighting its significance. 
  • Location-oriented searches lead to offline conversions within 24 hours in 78% of cases. 
  • Updating existing content can increase organic traffic by over 111%. 
  • Implementing an SEO strategy has led to increased business for 82% of companies. 
  • Securing the top position on Google results in more than 34% of search traffic. 
  • Businesses with a marketing strategy allocate over 41% of their budget to SEO, recognizing its value in driving success.

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