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Google My Business & Map Listing

With Google My Business and Map Listings, even small-scale businesses can claim their place on the first page of Google’s search results, maximizing their reach to potential customers nearby. How so? It’s all about leveraging Google My Business and Google Maps to your advantage.

Why Google My Business?

I’ve got some exciting news for you! Guess what? It’s not just the big shots who get to steal the limelight on search engine results. That’s right, even the smallest of businesses can grab that prime spot on Google’s first page. How, you ask? It’s all about harnessing the power of local SEO. When someone’s out there Googling for a local business, Google uses their location to pull up businesses nearby. If you’ve not been playing the local SEO game, you’re missing out on a chunk of potential business growth. So, what’s the secret sauce for giving your local SEO a hefty boost?

Here’s the key: Google My Business! With a Google My Business account, even a mom-and-pop shop can make a big splash. It’s like getting a ticket to the front row – right there on Google’s first page. 

Your Google My Business profile can showcase everything about your business, from your location to customer reviews. Imagine the exposure – thousands of local online users could see your brand every day! That’s some serious brand visibility, and a sure-fire way to rev up your sales.

But here’s the catch. You’re not the only one out there with a Google My Business account. It’s a crowded field. To really stand out, you might need some professional help. Think of it as a Google Maps listing with an extra dash of sparkle. It’s all about making your profile pop above the rest. So why wait? Let’s dive into the world of Google My Business and get your brand on the map! 

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Local SEO Strategies and Tips

We’ve been in the local SEO game for more than a decade. Yes, you heard it right, we’ve been creating bespoke local SEO strategies even before Google My Business came onto the scene. What does this mean for you? Well, we’ve got the chops to craft a unique local SEO strategy just for your company. This strategy will not only include Google My Business but also other cool marketing strategies like social media advertising and PPC.

We’re not about to bog you down with technical lingo, but if you’re keen to understand the ins and outs of local SEO, we’re only a phone call away. Just to whet your appetite, here’s a sneak peek at what our local SEO services entail:

And don’t forget about your Google Maps listing – that’s an integral part of the whole package. We’ve got that covered too, helping your business stand out on the map and in the search results!

Google My Business and Google Maps
Google My Business Local SEO

Google Business Profile

Any Kiwi company can set up a basic Google My Business profile. But let’s be honest, without the right optimization, it’s not going to do you much good. That’s where we come in! We can take your Google My Business profile from basic to brilliant. Not only can we get your company officially verified and shining on the map, but we also have the skills to attract a wave of new customers your way.

We’re experts at knowledge snippets optimisation. That means we can whip up SEO-friendly and persuasive descriptions of your company and products. We’ll also add in vibrant images, social media links, and much more to your listings.

You see, having a Google My Business account is becoming a must-have. Consider this: about 60% of folks use their smartphones to hunt for local businesses. We’re here to give your exposure a serious boost and coax your customers into leaving reviews, visible right there on Google’s search engine results pages. Plus, you can respond to feedback swiftly, and persuade users to hop over to your website.

I won’t sugarcoat it – managing, optimising, and regularly updating your Google My Business profile can feel like a mammoth task. But it’s too crucial to ignore. The good news? Our SEO wizards can take on this heavy lifting for you, ensuring your company reaps the maximum benefits. With our help, your Google Maps listing will be the star of the show!

Local SEO Marketing

Sure, Google My Business is a big deal when it comes to local SEO. But hey, don’t stop there! A solid local SEO strategy goes beyond just your business profile. To kick things off, consider scoping out directories specific to your area, and get your business listing optimised on each of them. Want to go a step further? Start building backlinks from local websites or businesses, and roll out blog posts loaded with info your local customers will love.

Boosting your local SEO takes a cocktail of factors into account – everything from how you use schema markup and keywords, to the design of your website and its content. If you’re still scratching your head over the finer points of local SEO best practices, don’t sweat it. You might find it easier – and more effective – to let a seasoned professional take the reins.

Enter Intact Media, your new best friend in digital marketing. We’re on the fast track to becoming Auckland’s top dog in the digital marketing space, and for good reason. Our deep industry knowledge and track record of success speak for themselves. Whether you need a hand with your Google business registration, a makeover for your current Google business account, or a tailor-made SEO strategy promising a solid return on investment, we’re all ears. And let’s not forget, we’ll have your Google Maps listing shining bright, too. Give us a shout – we can’t wait to work with you!

Google My Business Map Listing

Why Choose Intact Media for Local SEO Services

We’re not just another local SEO agency in New Zealand. We’re a global powerhouse that’s helped everyone from fresh start-ups to major corporations leave their digital footprints. Armed with our wealth of experience, we recognise that local SEO marketing is a potent tool for expanding your customer base and enhancing your reputation. Our savvy in-house team can get your business listed on Google, make it a star on the first page, and optimise your listing (including that all-important Google Maps listing) to boost your conversion rate. The best part? We’ll cultivate your local customer base while you focus on doing what you do best.

Beyond local SEO, we are masters of all things online marketing. From search engine optimisation, pay per click advertising, and social media marketing, to content marketing, video production and so much more – we’ve got you covered. And all this at a price that won’t make your wallet flinch. Our mission? To craft a comprehensive online strategy that promises to rocket your company to new heights. While we might be a fresh face in Auckland, our experts have been serving New Zealanders for years. Give us a ring today to discover why we’re quickly becoming a top Auckland agency, and learn more about our local SEO services – optimised with Google My Business in mind, of course!

Frequently Asked Questions about SEO Auckland

Sure thing, you can definitely hold a profile even if your business lacks a physical address, provided you interact with customers in person. This also applies if you operate a hybrid business model, where you both serve customers at your business location and deliver or visit them directly. Even if you’re a service-area business, like a plumber or cleaning service, which directly visits or delivers to customers without serving them at your business address, you’re eligible for a profile. Take the next step to claim and verify your profile if you’re running a service-area business.

Creating and managing your Google Business Profile doesn’t cost a dime.

Best of all, it can deliver substantial benefits to your business at no extra cost.

If they don’t, then we don’t force it to work. Instead, we give some free advice to help you find the appropriate solution.

There are three essential advantages to keeping up a Google Business Profile:

  • Boost your visibility on Google: By listing your business on Google, you make it easier for potential customers to discover your services or products. Your business will show up in local search results and Google Maps, making you more noticeable to those searching for what you offer in your area.

  • Establish credibility through reviews: Customer reviews are a key factor in building trust with potential customers. A Google Business Profile allows your satisfied customers to share their positive experiences, thus enhancing your business’s reputation. Potential customers often check these reviews before making a decision, so having positive feedback can significantly influence their choice.

  • Communicate vital business information to customers: With a Google Business Profile, you can share important details about your business with your customers. This can include your business address, operating hours, contact information, and even updates about new products or services. By keeping this information updated and accurate, you ensure that your customers can always reach you or learn more about your offerings.

Here’s a comprehensive glimpse into establishing your Google My Business account and leveraging its various setup options to bolster your SEO and strengthen your presence on Google. This process includes understanding the functionalities of the dashboard, such as managing customer reviews, updating business information, and monitoring insights.

Notably, one of the crucial aspects is knowing how to encourage your clients to leave Google reviews, as these testimonials enhance your credibility and potentially boost your search rankings.

Furthermore, consider the remarkable case study of a company that devoted just 30 days to update their Google My Business profile. The results were astonishing, with a whopping 68% surge in traffic to their website. This example illustrates the significant impact that a well-maintained Google My Business account can have on your online visibility and overall digital performance.

Hopefully, by this point, the importance of crafting a Google My Business account and confirming your business ownership should be crystal clear. It’s a crucial step in providing precise details like your business description and business hours, responding to customer reviews, attracting potential customers, and even skyrocketing your rankings in local search results—potentially landing your business on the coveted first page of Google search results.

Bear in mind, though, that the process isn’t a walk in the park. It requires navigating through two distinct Google platforms and three separate Google accounts, all of which have strikingly similar names. Plus, there’s a good chance you already possess some of these accounts. So, to avoid any confusion, let’s break down these terms:

Google Account: This is the complimentary account you establish with Google that grants you access to various services like Google Docs, Google Drive, Google Photos, Gmail, and many more. People often refer to this as their “Gmail account,” but Gmail is just one part of the package. You can use any email to create a Google Account. To keep things clear, we’ll use the term “standard Google Account” in this context. It’s quite common for business owners to have two of these accounts—one for their personal use and another for their business operations.

Business Profile: This is your free business listing on Google that is showcased on Google Maps, the local outcomes of Google Search, and the right-hand Knowledge Panel of Google Search.

Google My Business account: This is the complimentary account you create that equips you with a dashboard to manage and boost your Business Profile. This is where you update crucial business information, like your business description and hours, monitor customer interactions, and more.

Welcome to your Google My Business dashboard!

Notably, one of the crucial aspects is knowing how to encourage your clients to leave Google reviews, as these testimonials enhance your credibility and potentially boost your search rankings.

Furthermore, consider the remarkable case study of a company that devoted just 30 days to update their Google My Business profile. The results were astonishing, with a whopping 68% surge in traffic to their website. This example illustrates the significant impact that a well-maintained Google My Business account can have on your online visibility and overall digital performance.

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